Insta-Chain will fit most 1/2 ton to Class 8 vehicles. The Automatic Chain units mount to the suspension of the vehicle.


Spring Suspension | Air Ride | Hendrickson Walking Beam | Ridewell | Raydan | Chalmers | Granning

…and many more! Please call for info.


If your vehicle doesn’t have an on board air system, Insta-Chain can provide an Auxiliary Air System. Auxiliary Air System includes a 12 volt compressor, Air Tank, Automatic Pressure Switch, and Air Fittings.


Find and complete the Vehicle Supsension Information (VSI) form to ensure the best fit for your application.

Insta-Chain is Perfect for the Following Industries


In an emergency, time is of the essence.  Firefighters don’t have time to stop and chain up.  Automatic Ice Chains are the perfect solution.  The firefighters simply leave the station, when they encounter ice or snow, they can simply flip the switch and arrive quickly at their destination.


Safety is imperative.  School buses carry the most precious cargo, they must have the reliability of Insta-Chain to be sure that your children arrive safely.

Over the Road Trucks

Truck drivers are always under time constraints. Now they don’t have to waste time stopping to chain up. They simply flip a switch and keep on trucking. In addition, they have instant traction if they encounter black ice. Insta-Chain’s are accepted by all the states with stringent chain laws.

Plow Trucks/DOT

State, County, and City trucks are always out in the snowstorms. They have to get the roads plowed so we can travel safely. Insta-Chains help them clear the road safely, and save time.

Fuel Oil/Propane Delivery

Many driveways remain snow packed when the main roads are clear. Insta-Chain allows the drivers to get into the driveway to make the delivery without chaining up with conventional chains.


Ambulance drivers don’t have time to chain up when they are out on a call. Many of the main roads are clear while the secondary roads and driveways remain snow packed. Running with standard chains on bare roads delays response time and ruins the chain. Insta-Chain allows the drivers to go full speed until they encounter ice and snow, then they can deploy the Automatic Insta-Chains.

Transit Buses

Transit buses love the Automatic Snow Chains because the increase safety for the drivers, and the bus doesn’t have to run on standard chains all around the city. The Insta-Chains also works well on ski buses that run skiers from downtown locations up to the resorts.

P & D

P & D drivers love the Automatic Tire Chains from Insta-Chain because many loading docks become iced over. With Insta-Chain, the drivers can get in and out of loading docks without having to chain up just to unload.

Utility Trucks

Insta-Chain is ideal for Utility Trucks that have to be out fixing downed power lines. Automatic Snow Chains gets the trucks to the site, so you can get your customers’ power back up and running.

Yard Tractors

Automatic Ice Chains are ideal for Yard Tractors. Loading docks tend to ice over in the winter with all the traffic. Insta-Chain allows you to maneuver your trailers into position to keep your inventory flowing and your customer satisfied.

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