Insta-Chain Installation Tips

When installing the Insta-Chain system, there are a few shortcuts that you can do to make the installation go easier:

  • Be sure the vehicle is on level ground or level while on a lift
  • Mark the ‘Centerline’ of the tire before installing the units (this is easier without the unit installed)
  • Install mounting brackets then the Chain Units.
  • Use a ball valve and air quick connect to test the Chain Units and make all the final adjustments (NOTE: When using a ball valve to test the units, be sure that the ball valve is closed and you are clear of all moving parts before connecting the air line to the valve. Before disconnecting the air line, be sure the valve is closed, and you are clear of all moving parts).
  • Find a suitable place for the Solenoid Valve near the Chain Units if possible and install it.
  • Install the Switch on the dash board in a convenient place for the driver to operate.
  • Connect all the Air and Electrical hoses and wires.
  • Air up the vehicle and test the chains, be sure to stay away from the moving parts.
  • Test the units in the parking lot or on the street.
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