Here are a few key and unique benefits that set Insta-Chain apart from the competition.

Key Benefits

Superior Traction

Insta-Chains engage in approximately 1.5 seconds, providing your superior traction when you demand it.

Reduced Risk

The ability to gain traction with the speed of Insta-Chain’s may reduce traffic incidences and associated costs where lack of traction in a key contributing factor.

Forward or Reverse

InstaChains provide effective traction in both acceleration and deceleration as well as forward or reverse.

Cost Effective

Compared to better quality conventional tire chains, Insta-Chain’s far outlast them because they are only operated as needed with a flip of a switch resulting in long service life.

No Stopping Required

Drivers often will not stop to put on conventional chains contributing to incident potential, lost time, late pickups-delivery, and towing charges. Avoid these with Insta-Chain.

No Damage to Vehicle Body

Eliminate expensive body tear up due to broken cross ties. Insta-Chains rotate horizontally underneath the tire and cannot damage the vehicle bodywork.

D.O.T. Accepted In All States With Chain Laws

D.O.T. accepted as “ATD’s” (Alternate Traction Devices) in all states with chain laws. Insta-Chain is used by most state D.O.T.’s for snow plow applications.

Fits Most Vehicles

Insta-Chain fits most vehicles from ½ ton through Class 8 Trucks.

Perfect for Rural Delivery

Rural delivery problems? Insta-Chain is used extensively on Oil, Gas, Propane.

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