Here are a few unique features that set Insta-Chain Automatic Snow & Ice Chains apart from the competition.

Key Insta-Chain Features

Greasable Chain Wheels

Insta-Chain has a grease fitting in the Chain Wheel to allow the customer to grease the Chain Wheel to prolong the life of the chain wheel.  The Chain Wheel is down in the water, snow, and road debris, and it is critical that you keep these bearings greased.

Replacable Chain Strands

Insta-Chain gives you the option of replacing one strand at a time.  Insta-Chain has six patented interlocking chain plates that can be easy changed one at a time or all six at once, thus saving money.

6 or 12 Strands Per Wheel

Insta-Chain’s standard Chain Unit comes with 6 strands per wheel.  You can upgrade to 12 strands per wheel.  The main difference is that with the “6” strand, you must be traveling between 5-6 mph (8-9.5 Kmh) to obtain effective traction.  The “12” strand allows you to travel as low as 3.5-4 mph (5.6-6.4 Kmh) to obtain effective traction.  The “12” strand model also gives a smoother ride and twice traction.  It is ideal for starting and stopping on hills, and vehicles constantly traveling at very low speeds.

100% Greasable Arm Pivot Bearings

Insta-Chain uses a needle cap bearing for its arm pivot point with a hole running the full length of the arm shaft.  This allows grease to fully penetrate the bearings.  Having the ability to fully grease the bearings prolongs the life of the chain unit.  The Ball Joint also has a grease fitting.

Powder Coated Air Cans

Insta-Chain powder coats its air can for better corrosion resistance.


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